Location: Darband, Iran 
Architect : Mahdi Kamboozia 
Design Collaborator : Helena Ghanbari, Bana Group 
Client : Arian Zoorchang
Area ( foot print ) : 415 sqm 
Site area: 301 sqm 
Photographer: Naser sajjadi

Project Description

The status quo of the project at the time of referral to our office was a residential building  in two separate units and a basement. the employer wanted to turn this building into a single unit for personal use. The structural condition of the building was very unstable, Columns with different materials with dissimilar resistance implemented. The  main beams of the ceiling were on the surrounding walls  with no headrest headrest. As a first step we started to retrofit the structure to be able to start the design. The most important issue in this project was that we eliminate annoying seen from the outside and at the same time create a space with good light and the quality of the environment. The ground floor on the north side of the alley adjacent to par with the height of passers-by have openings and our sole discretion of the employer wanted the project package exterior of the windows on the north side of the blinded.