Location: Tehran, Iran
Project Area: 70 sqm
Client:  Bahmanabadi Brothers
© Photographer: Saeid Faramarzi

The intriguing point of this project was the puzzling subject of it. The project is a jewelry showroom for a client who needed a space with unique quality. The space would offer a magnificent design for the special customers of showroom. In the meantime, capable of showcasing jewelry parts for different customers at the same time privately.
The puzzle that we had to solve was a new definition of jewelry retail office/showroom in a small space.
The project is a 70 m2 apartment unit located at Tehran’s grand bazar.
Users of project is divided into two groups; Customers and staff and how these two groups communicate was subject of our design. Customers should not have visual connection between each other but staff must constantly communicate with each other. Because of the space limitations we had to find a solution to divide space and isolate customers from each other with minimum of mass construction.
Our design solution was to divide the space into two parts:
First: Demolishing all the extra parts of the existing space and creating a stage with a single theme using a monotone color pallet.
Second: Using material variation (wood) as a way of bringing contrast to the environment while maintaining the integrity of design.
We located the jewelry showroom and trade area in the center and pushed the management and welcoming zone to the perimeter of unit. The display counter embodies 4 independent customer zones unifying with a curvy design and on the opposite side of customer’s zone is an open corridor used by staff. The form of this part is an integrated form emphasized with expanded diffuse light on above which drags attention of every customer.