Longlist in emerging architecture studios in Dezeen Award 2020


Kamyaran City School / Winner in Civic & Community category /The Architectural Review / Future Project Awards  2020

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This residence in Iran is all about its stone facade

An apartment complex in Iran honours its city's travertine stone production

By Rima Alsammarae

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Caat Studio: Winner of Boutique Middle East Architecture Firm Of Middle East Architecture Awards 2019

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Iran’s architecture has long been rooted in Persian culture. From tea houses and pavilions to domestic huts and elaborate mosques, the country’s built environment is tied to these influences, as well as the landscape and its broader context. At the heart of Iran’s more recent projects is a desire to reinterpret history through new spaces and forms.


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World Architecture Festival 2018 Shortlist




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between innovation and tradition: discover architecture in iran through readers radar

the architectural language of iran has been influenced by such elements of its ancient context as the distinguishing ecology as well as its rich cultural history. the region’s architecture had traditionally been driven by an attention to mathematics, religion, and astrology while its materiality has typically reflected that of the primarily desertous, arid climate. while continuing to adopt these traditional and contextual influences, contemporary architects of iran have introduced a new breath of innovation into their material practice and formal development.


Interior Design Workshop in Iranian Architecture Center/ Jun 2018

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Next [Container] School in TUIC center /january 2018

"Architectural Design Process"Lecture In Mashhad / November 2017

"Brick Tecture" Lecture in Iranian architecture center, 5 July 2017

Interior Design Workshop in Iranian Architecture Center/ Jun 2017

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Author : Anna Winston

Iran's contemporary architecture scene is on the brink of a boom after the lifting of economic sanctions. We've collected together 11 of the best examples from the country's new crop of buildings and bridges.



Lecture in University of Science and Culture/ 7Jun 2017

Lecture in Iranian Architecture Center/ 6Dec 2016

Lecture in Iranian Architecture Center/23Apr 2016

NAKHNAMA Workshop in Contemporary Architect Association/2016