Mahdi Kamboozia established CAAT Studio (C/KambooziA ArchitecTure Studio) in 2015. The CAAT Studio activity can be construction engineering in the context, to the closer the distance from the idea of the design to the construction. The opinion that future architecture is not only about the advancement of design and construct technology but also in proposing ideas tailored to the new conditions in social relations. This look has evolved over the years to deal with different projects and the growth and development of the studio. We are looking forward to confronting the projects with design problems and come up with a solution. Each assignment defines a different story which shows there are varying answers to each task. Some projects allocate to social concerns, some cultural; some focus on relations between users and the projects, others may have a scenario on spaces and their connections or introducing a new usage. CAAT studio studies on future generations, their needs, relations, potentials, and according to each assignment’s usage and aspect, come up with a solution. The prospects in social relations define new connections and expound new operations; we try to study the potentials carefully and propose a solution to problems. For instance, in some cases, the answer is based on the use of unique and natural material (Mahallat Residential No3), or the right construction technique (Kahrizak Residential No1). Sometimes, it is crucial to create a new space as a new use is defined (Jewelry Retail Office No4); sometimes the contexts of the project elucidates the usage or design. (Installation No5). Despite the scale of the project, concerning the related issues on each task is essential and the same process continues….



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