Location: Tabriz, Iran
Project Area: 66807 sqm
Site area: 54761 sqm
Competition Organizer: Maskan Investment Group Co.

Designing of a residential, commercial and official complex in urban decay zone of “Hokm Abad” located at west side of Tabriz with capacity of 2000 units in a land with area of 54761 Sq./m. our project site is located at the border of farmlands, Tabriz city park and urban decay zone.
Project main goals were to provide social housing for working class families mainly for those who are already residing in the area’s urban decay zone, beautification and optimization of urban environment, Direct and indirect Job creation and creation of enduring jobs by providing commercial- service units within the residential complex
The project site is Important because it is a connecting joint between urban decay zone, farm lands and Tabriz central park and its strategic location is the cause of metropolitan design strategies formation.
the positioning and formation of the mass of the project on site is diametric and by doing so we could maintain the continuous sight; in addition, stepping design of the complex provided optimized use of daylight, favorable skyline and it makes it work excellently with human scale.
Project platform was formed by splitting it in two zones surrounded by stepping residential barriers:
First zone is on the west side of the project which its design is along the dense urban decay zone of “Hokm Abad” located at the south of project and it has the same proportion and division so it merges with the zone and makes an integrated texture which not even answers to the demands of the project but also provides a familiar vision for residents of the area and functions as a local market for the them.
Second zone is on east side of the project which its lands are converted to farming zones for residents of complex and it is along the Tabriz Central Park and farm lands which are located at north of site and this adjacency merge these three green zones together and emerges the idea of City-Farm. This Idea not only provides landscaping and green spacing of the site but also it causes direct and indirect job creation for the residents of area. In addition, it reminds history of “Hokm Abad” which always been main farming zone of Tabriz and it provided farm goods and vegetables for citizens of Tabriz and cities nearby.
Main income of the residents of area is dependent on farm goods which they can harvest from farm lands on the east side of the site and they can get them to the customers by commercial units located on the west side.
as urban farming platform so while its fertile soil is used for cultivation of farm goods it functions as green landscaping and by doing so the water used for integration of landscaping can be used more efficiently and it is has more economic and environmental benefits.