Location: Tehran, Iran
Project Area: 3200 sqm
Site area: 900 sqm
Client: UDRC co.
The most important feature of this neighborhood is the presence of the Grand Bazar in its district.
The neighborhood of Siroos has a dual position, in which along with the main streets there are buildings constructed with commercial, administrative and public functions that are extraterritorial, but within these blocks, the residential texture is a pivotal step with intricate and worn-out architecture.
The inhabitants of this neighborhood are moderately poor in economic terms.
Project Specifications:
The design of an 18-unit residential complex in an area of approximately 900 square meters, consisting of a total of 5 plates.
Design goals:
The physical and social objectives of the project include the organization of the environment and public space of the neighborhood, the provision of appropriate routes and networks, the elimination of the lack of open and green public spaces, the resolution of health and environmental problems, the creation of local dynamics and the sense of belonging residents to the neighborhood.
How to design a project:
Our main goal in the design of the 18th unit of the Siroos project, in addition to the physical pattern of the neighborhood's old texture pattern, which has been the importance of having open space alongside the closed space of the house (central courtyard), has also been the enhancement of the spatial quality of the old habitat pattern in this neighborhood. As a result, horizontal communications in the central courtyard have been transformed into open yards and open spaces at an altitude and independent for each residential unit, while confining and safeguarding units, creates livelihoods and living in an open and private setting for residents has done.