Location: Kish Island, Iran
Project Area: 52000 sqm
Site Area: 19388 sqm
Client: Tisa Kish


The subject of the project is the design of a commercial-residential complex on an existing structure of 20,000 meters located on Kish Island. The interesting thing about the project site is that it is located on a hypothetical borderline between the bustling part of the city, which is active from evening to midnight, and the quiet part of the city where people spend the day. So this incidental contrast had to be maintained with a proper definition of the two edges ... and the contemporary residential context with the identity of Kish with layers one and two of the urban network (pedestrian and bicycle) and with the same language, was redefined. Finally, the existing structure includes commercial zone and edge restaurants, and then with a new structure, the residential complex was designed in the form of the apartment hotel in two blocks A and B, with terraced units facing the sea in a familiar language. And the intersection of the commercial complex and the residential complex of the courtyards of the two blocks are located north-south, Where the language of the structure and the function becomes residential, and the pedestrian and rider networks rise to the same height as the central courtyard. It is as if the surface is pulled up to a height of 20 meters with all the communication layers and then the landscape is joining t to the edge of the city silently with a gentle slope