Location: Tehran, Iran
Project Area: 1.5 KM
Client: Abbas Abad Complex Management Co


The subject of the competition is the design of an urban pedestrian and cyclist’s pathway in the western part of AbbasAbad hills complex in Tehran, between Valiasr Street and Jost-e-Joo Park. In this project, we are faced with two issues: attracting the flux of people from the adjacent streets into the park and directing the users of the park to the passage to the edge of Valiasr Street That the project won second place in this competition. In order to achieve the goal mentioned above, from the starting point of the project to its end, due to the long path, it is necessary to create valuable stations that can motivate the users to continue their movement along the route. As a result, to change the range of functions from the park (sports-recreational area) to Valiasr Street (the cultural area), these stations were defined according to the taste of the surrounding users. Therefore, in order to connect the 4 main zones mentioned along the project path, attraction points are needed to attract the population to invite and direct the pedestrians like a domino with a cultural-social-sports narrative appropriate to the urban activities of each area. The idea of the project is to merge the designed path and functional platforms and create a formative complex (plastic) that can be controlled with a common language besides it can be transformative and adaptive into different functions. The subject of how to define and divide these 4 zones and their functional details, which shows each of them has an interactive-attractive narration in the city, would be discussed as follows.